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Nov 17, 2013 1:00am EST
, roughout the museum so if iimd you have a question don't you cn expect to be heard spee buty hankeed good question. t >> the author is very shy. no [laughter] they should be a lively discussion and we look forward to that. thank you for coming welco saramaccan though women and no hotel room keys strode up here. [laughter] >> i would extend my welcomesaim to those that were justs offered and martin sandler than is your. his a welcome.g >> a he has written and published thn more books than his age. broadly [laughter]nts of the to of those nominated for a pulitzer prize examining from president lincoln photographs to the traumatic events of the industrial surveys then on to theof histseries fhe '60s. he is justifiably proud of also his six books in the library of congress for the american history series for young people and a former high-school teacher who has he taught american history living here in cape cod with his wife carol.gems. first dive must compliment you on the variety ofmson, w's letters you have selected da there are some remarkable esmatd gems. the executive director of "the n
Nov 16, 2013 1:30pm EST
have a question, don't talk from the back of the room and expect to be heard on c-span. we'd like to have you -- >> don't be intimidated, because we need good questions. >> and you can tell the author is very shy and retiring, so -- [laughter] it should be a lively discussion, and we're looking forward to it. so thank you again for coming. >> yes. and no women, no hotel room keys thrown up here. >> that's right. [laughter] >> keep 'em tucked in your pocket to. i would extend my welcome and my greetings to those that were just offered by dick. and as he said, my name is rob sennett. the gentleman on my right is martin w. sandler and, marty, welcome. >> thank you. >> the prolific mr. sandler has written and published more books than his age, and i think there are very few -- >> and i'm 42. [laughter] >> -- people that do that. two of those have been nominated for pulitzer prizes. his work ranges rather broadly from examining president lincoln through photographs to the traumatic events of the do dust bowl of the '30s and on to, of all people, the beatles in the '60s. he, marty, is j
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2